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Holiday Shoppe

Holiday Shoppe is Mon. Dec 16 - Thurs. Dec. 19 Holiday Shoppe provides our students with an opportunity to purchase their own gifts for family, friends and/or teachers.

Students will only be able to purchase for names on their list. If a name is not provided on their shopping list, they will be unable to purchase for that person.

Flyers should have been sent home, but if you did not receive one, feel free to print out and use this one:

Some helpful tips for Holiday Shoppe:

*Please take the time to write down names/amounts (ex: $5 Mom, $5 Dad, $5 Little Brother). This helps our volunteers to assist students with how much they can spend on each person on their list. Students will not be able to buy for people not on their list.

*Please do not send large bills. It's best if you can send exact dollar amounts. Volunteers will do their best to secure change in envelops/baggies, but we are not responsible for lost money.

*If you would like to know what time your child's class is shopping, you may reach out to teachers for your student's specific day/time.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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