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There are TWO different ways you can join the Mary Fay PTSA:

  1. Online via the California PTA membership website

  2. Paper form turned in to your child's teacher or the office, with exact cash

We highly encourage everyone to use the online form, but also understand if you are not comfortable using it and prefer filling out the paper form. If you would prefer this route, please click on the Membership PDF form, print it out, and return it with your oldest student or drop it off at the front office! For membership dues in-person, we only accept cash for payment at this time. Membership dues are $12.00, per year. 

For online membership application, membership dues are $13.00, in order to cover transaction fees. When you're ready to become a member, please either click the button or follow this link to our online membership portal:

We can't wait to meet you and get you started on your

PTSA journey at our school!

PTSA is open to ANYONE! Parents, neighbors, teachers, grandparents, and anyone who wants to support their local education system!

Quick Facts:

There is NO COMMITMENT to volunteer if you join the PTSA! We would love it if you could try to spare even an extra hour a month--but we understand that you are busy! 

MFP PTSA has brought in over $35,000 last year for our school!

Membership in the MFP PTSA also gets you a membership in the CA PTA and National PTA; including hundreds of member benefits and discounts across the nation!

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