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Lost & Found

Our Lost & Found (located behind the cafeteria) is overflowing with items! Not only are we running out of space, but with recent rain, many items are wet and starting to smell...

Due to the amount of items accumulating at the Lost & Found, all items will be donated during the winter break.

Any item not picked up by Wednesday, Dec. 18 will be donated!

Please make arrangements to come up to the school at your earliest convenience to find items. The Lost & Found can be accessed before school, during school hours and after school. It is not accessible during the weekend.

We have been posting about this situation weekly in our Facebook group and have sent out a flyer via PeachJar in addition to this blog post.

Please do not ask staff or parent volunteers to search for items for you. We are posting about this issue to encourage you to look for your own missing items. If you would like your child to search the Lost & Found, please reach out to your teacher to find the times that work best -- most likely this will be during lunch or recess.

Kinder and TK students have their own Lost & Found located in the kindergarten play yard.

Once again, anything not picked up by Wednesday, Dec. 18 will be donated.

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