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Valentine Grams!

Spirit sticks are back in time for Valentine's Day!

These were super popular over Thanksgiving with the "Thankful Grams", so we are bringing them back for Valentine's Day --- and we made sure to order a ton of extra to ensure we do not run out this time around! Send them to as many friends at Mary Fay as you want for $1/ea.

You may order as many Valentine grams as you wish, but all orders/money must be received by end of day, February 11.

Valentine Grams will only be delivered on Friday, February 14.

If you missed the flyer or need an additional one, you may print this one below:


Why are Valentine Grams $1? Thankful Grams were .50...

Yes, Thankful Grams were cheaper. We used spirit sticks we found in the PTSA room leftover from previous years. This time, we had to place a new order for spirit sticks, which is why they are now $1/ea.

There's no room for a personal message on the flyer. Can I write a special/personal message?

Not this time. We learned from last time, personal messages make putting grams together more time consuming on our volunteers. To streamline the process, each gram will have a generic message: "I love having a friend like you!" This makes putting grams together easier on our volunteers. If you would like to donate your time and help our volunteers out, please reach out to the executive board -- we'd love to have you volunteer and help out the PTSA!

Last time, you ran out of the Thanksgiving Grams. Will that happen with Valentine Grams?

Nope! Last time, we used what we had on hand from previous years. We also had no idea how popular spirit sticks would be with our students! This time around, we tripled our order for Valentine Grams and ordered extra spirit sticks that we plan to use in the Spring. In the event we run out of Valentine-themed grams, we have other spirit sticks ready to go.

Will you be doing spirit sticks again this year?

Yes! When we ordered Valentine Grams we also placed an order of spirit sticks for the Spring/End of Year. At this time we do not know when the next "Gram" delivery will be, but as always, keep an eye out on our website or our Facebook group for information. If you have any other questions/concerns/comments, please email us at

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